About Us

Someone once famously claimed to have all the best words. We think we can do “even better.”

Our “even better” mission here is to help great writers get recognition they deserve. We provide a respectable, respectful platform for writers to display their work. And we promote our writers so that they can get to other platforms, you know, ones that aren’t still aspiring to respectable status.

Honestly, there is no effort here to make money off this site. So please help us support the writers who we are simply trying to support.

Our editor-in-chief is Richard B. Tucker, a graduate of the prestigious Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University, Included amongst the organizations and publications for which he has written and edited are CNN, The Hill, and The Heritage Foundation. He also teaches writing classes at George Washington University. Yeah, he knows his stuff.

If you’d like to write for Even Better Words, just send Rich an email at Richardbriantucker@gmail.com.

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