Phillip C. Jack



Phil grew up in New York City (okay, Staten Island) and then moved to Vermont when he was in high school with his mother, three siblings, two fish and their third dog named Dog. 

Vermonters taught Phil countless important life skills and lessons, such as how to do doughnuts, tip cows and brew moonshine. 

Phil eventually grew tired of shoveling snow 10 months a year. So he packed up his little blue Subaru and went to Williams College where he occasionally attended classes – but never missed a Friday night Rugby beer practice. 

After Williams, Phil decided that politics was the path to take for those with no clear path to take, and he spent the next three years working on Capital Hill in Washington DC and working on campaigns in LA and New Hampshire.

Boston College Law School followed, and Phil has been living and practicing law in Massachusetts ever since. 

Phil and his wife Heather have two fantastic children, Lizzie and Alex (but no dog named Dog).

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