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Dave Barend co-authored the 6 volume “Things That Might Annoy . . .” joke book series with comedian Paul Nardizzi. The books can still be found on Amazon and in the back of Paul’s garage.

Dave worked with Jerry Seinfeld, Jon Stewart, Ray Romano as a stand-up comedian. There is chance that they’d recognize Dave if given a line-up of one. He performed regularly in NYC (Stand Up NY) and Boston (The Comedy Connection). And he smelled regularly like a mix of second hand smoke and a Greyhound bus,

His television appearances include NESN, NECN & FOX/Boston. He has written humor columns for Basketball Times, Lawyers Weekly, CollegeInsider, Exhibit A Magazine, St. Louis Dispatch and CollgeHoopsNet. Though CollegeHoopsNet is now defunct, that was not Dave’s fault – he thinks.

He is currently the head comedy writer for Belly Up Sports and owner of CollegeHoopsHumor.com where you can find over 600 college basketball jokes – some funny.

Lindy’s 2019-2020 College Basketball Preview Magazine featured Dave on page 17. Next season he’s hoping for page 16.

He graduated in the top 5 of his class at Boston College Law School, alphabetically. He also graduated summa cum laude from St. Bonaventure University, honestly.


Article 1: “Dan Dakich Is Better Than Taylor Swift” – I’m guessing you may have a couple questions like: “Why on Earth would anyone compare Dan Dakich and Taylor Swift?” Or, “Who the hell is Dan Dakich?” Well, the answers to those questions, as well as indisputable proof that Dakich is better than Swift, can be found below – I think. [MORE]

Article 2: “Greg Kampe: Passionately Pursuing The Team Sport of Life” – Prior to my interview with Oakland University’s Coach Greg Kampe, College Insider provided a bit of instruction: Delve into how his team was a lock for the NCAAs until some of his best players unexpectedly and devastatingly transferred. Geesh, it seems like the subject of transfers might not be Coach Kampe’s favorite. [MORE]

Article 3: “My Quest For Bill Raftery’s Onions.” – I should clarify that Bill Raftery does not have onions. Well, he does, but not real ones. Actually he does have real onions, I think. How am I doing with the clarification? [MORE]

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